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Our Vision.  - An association where all medical students work together for better national and global health and are equipped with knowledge, skills and values to serve as responsible future physicians and health leaders.

Our Mission - To prepare and practically equip medical students in identifying and solving the major health challenges through scientific and professional approach.


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On behalf of the National Executive Board and The Organizing Committee we are pleased to invite you to the TAMSA 10th INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL STUDENTS’ SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE AND 7th GENERAL ASSEMBLY from 7th – 11th October 2017.

This event brings together healthcare students and healthcare professionals under one roof to discuss and learn from renowned speakers through scientific, educational and cultural programs of the event.

It is also a unique platform for invited delegates to debate, build long lasting networks and friendships and come up with collaborative and innovative solutions to the nation’s most pressing health challenges.

Not only that, but it will also entail trainings, projects fairs for different health projects and initiatives taken by medical students, as well as the general assembly of the association that will be mainly for progress assessments as well as adoption of new policies and strategies as a national organization for students and ran by students. 


The conference will focus on the current status of antimicrobial drug resistance, which is a global phenomenon, and not even a single country is spared. With Bacteria, fungus, Virus and other microbes evolving faster than the human DNA can catch up: how are our drug prescribing habits and general understanding of antimicrobial drug resistance plans for locally combating this problem in our low resource setting.

Big impact arises from local action, each medical student and medical personnel counts in the fight for survival, if we cannot be in the process of developing super drugs, we can be an active part of slowing down and/or reversing the process.

To register, please visit the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/xT4YPpuqTePRcRwL2