Hello TAMSAnians!!

SCOPE TAMSA is a standing committee for professional exchanges.

A Professional Exchange involves the exchange of a medical student who gains medical experience in a hospital abroad. This practice, named a clerkship, can be either pre-clinical or clinical. The clerkship is purely educational for the student and he will not receive payment for it

In Tanzania at the moment we have one university (KCMUCo) which is SCOPE active and our local executive officers at other universities are working hard to make the rest of the medical universities to become SCOPE active.

The type of exchange available is clinical clerkship meaning it is applicable for third year students and particularly for fourth year students doing their electives.

This is a wonderful way to have international medical and cultural experiences and to broaden the understanding of medical and social conditions in different countDescription:

For all those interested in taking part in this once in lifetime student exchange and have a chance to meet lovely people from all over the world please let us know!!.

We are welcoming all medical students from all Tanzanian universities to form a TAMSA SCOPE group, to enable lots of people to get involved and eventually some of you to be able to go internationally for professional student exchanges!!.


The tasks that all you, lovely people will be doing is as follows:

  • Promoting the exchange program by informing your fellow students, advertising e.t.c.
  • Brainstorming ideas for fun filled social programs for incoming students at your university and the town in which you are.
  • Act as a contact person for the incoming exchange student. A sort of guide for the guests to help orienting them with the town and getting them accustomed to the surroundings.

There is also a lot of information of all the countries available for professional exchange on the official IFMSA website www.ifmsa.org and http://www.ifmsa.net under the exchange conditions, professional exchange.

For any questions and suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me!.

Gloria Gachocha.


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