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The call for applicants for IFMSA delegations to the 2014 sessions of the six Regional Committees of the WHO is now open. These regional committees meet separately once every year to set policy and approve budgets and programmes of work for their respective regions. Each meeting addresses the specific public health needs of the area represented by the region.

 – Deadline: August 8th , 2014, 23:59 GMT

Below is the calendar for 2014:

1-5 September: Cotonou, Benin.
Regional Committee for Africa: sixty-fourth session.

9-12 September: Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Regional Committee for South-East Asia: sixty-seventh session.

15-18 September: Copenhagen, Denmark.
Regional Committee for Europe: sixty-fourth session.

29 September-3 October: Washington D.C., USA.
Regional Committee for the Americas: sixty-sixth session.

13-17 October: Manila, Philippines.
Regional Committee for the Western Pacific: sixty-fifth session.

19-22 October: Tunis, Tunisia.
Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean: sixty-first session.

This year, IFMSA will select 2-5 people to comprise each of the six IFMSA delegations to the various regions, depending on the quantity and quality of applications received as well as delegation size allowed by each WHO regional office.

Important criteria for selection include interest in global health issues (especially key WHO priority areas), experience in global health (advocacy, research, policy, or project implementation), and potential to contribute to IFMSA's global health work, especially those related to IFMSA collaborations with WHO. However, we also encourage emerging members who are committed to learn new knowledge, gain new skills, and participate in IFMSA's projects even beyond the conference. While all regional committee sessions are open to any IFMSA applicant, those applying to the meeting of the region where they belong to will be given priority.

If you are interested, please submit the following online forms on or before Friday, August 8th, 2013, 23:59 GMT. Late and incomplete submissions will not be accepted. https://docs.google.com/a/ifmsa.org/forms/d/1TMktfxfR99bjvPi1nUQKmctmH1D71n-YSX9OrOIa6DE/viewform.

Duly Filled IFMSA WHO Meeting Delegation Application online Form.

Curriculum Vitae – maximum of 2 pages.

Both accepted and unaccepted applicants will be informed of the results by 10th August 2014. Accepted applicants will receive online preparation as soon as the results are released. Agenda topics will be forwarded to delegations once they are made available by WHO to IFMSA.

Accepted applicants are expected to participate fully in the preparations, coordinate with fellow members of the delegation regarding logistics and advocacy strategy, attend the entire WHO Regional Committee session, and take part in the follow-up process, including providing support to IFMSA projects and programs related to the topics discussed in the sessions.

Unfortunately, IFMSA is not able to provide financial assistance to its delegates. The participant is responsible for all expenses, including round trip ticket to and from the venue, visa, accommodation, and other expenses. IFMSA will provide a support letter in order to assist in the delegate’s fund raising efforts


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