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Dear TAMSA and IFMSA Global family!!! On behalf of the entire family of TAMSA Tanzania and Organizing committee, it is my pleasure to welcome all medical students from Africa and IFMSA to join us for the auspicious 7th Tanzania Medical Students’ international conference and 6th General Assembly at Zanzibar, the Spice Islands. The main theme is the role of medical students’ post 2015, in reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases.

The discussions from this meeting are expected to come up with a number of suggestions and recommendations leading to provision of an accessible means to better health care delivery as far as non-communicable diseases prevention and early treatment is concerned through our political governing bodies in our respective countries. As an Organizing committee we have been working tirelessly for months to ensure your utmost comfort during the conference and to let you experience Tanzania with the way it should be experienced.

The conference will be hosted in Zanzibar with an amazing view of the clean and attractive beaches along the Indian ocean coasts. TAMSA is pleased to announce that the opening ceremony for the 7h Tanzania medical students’ conference and 5th general assembly is expected to be officiated by His Excellency, Dr. Ali Mohammed Shein, the president of Zanzibar and chairman of the revolutionary council and many other highly profiled stakeholders, health professionals as well as key note speakers for our theme event sessions.... Once again, Welcome and do not hesitate to contact us for help.


Chairperson, Organizing Committee

7th Tanzania Medical Students’ international conference and 5th general Assembly

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