Tanzania Medical Students’ Association (TAMSA) is a sole National Organization for medical Students. It is a professional organization that assembles all the medical students at national level under a common umbrella with the purpose of promoting both excellent medical training as well as the medical students’ efforts in health education and promotion for the betterment of our community. 

It was inaugurated in 1990s having originated from the Dar es Salaam Medical Students Association (DMSA) which was established in 1968. TAMSA unifies Medical Students from 11 Medical Schools founded in Tanzania.

The following chapters are recognized by TAMSA

The following chapters are recognized by TAMSA: 

  1. Muhimbili University of Health and allied Sciences (MUHAS) 
  2. Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU)
  3. International Medical Technology University (IMTU) 
  4. Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences- Bugando (CUHAS) 
  5. Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC) 
  6. University of Dodoma College of Health and Allied Sciences (UDOM-CHAS) 
  7. St. Francis University College of Health Sciences- Ifakara (SFUCHAS) 
  8. Archbishop James University College (AJUCO)
  9. St. Josephs College of Health Sciences (SJCHS)
  10. Kampala International University (KIU) 
  11. University of Dar es Salaam School of Health Sciences (UDSoH)

The general Secretariat of TAMSA is currently located at the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS). 

TAMSA works under six standing committees(

  1. Human Rights and Peace
  2. Public Health
  3. Reproductive Health with HIV/AIDS
  4. Research Exchange
  5. Medical Education
  6. Professional Exchange )

and three supporting divisions

  1. Publications and Information
  2. Training
  3. Projects )

TAMSA is an active member of the International Federation for Medical Students Associations (IFMSA); IFMSA is affiliated to the United Nations system as a non - political and nongovernmental organization, and is recognized by the World Health Organization as an official International forum for Medical Students.

We have had great experience as part of the IFMSA community, as we get to learn, interact and work with other medical students across the Tanzanian borders.

Our Vision

An association where all medical students work together for better national and global health and are equipped with knowledge, skills and values to serve as responsible future physicians and health leaders.

Our Mission

To prepare and practically equip medical students in identifying and solving the major health challenges through scientific and professional approach.

Our Contact

Location: Upanga, Ilala
President -+255739445175
G-Secretary -+255717055959
E: tamsa-tanzania@ifmsa.org