Tanzania Medical Students' Association

Representing 3000+ Medical Students

Tanzania Medical Students' Association

Tanzania Medical Students’ Association (TAMSA) is the sole National Organization for Medical Students. It is a professional organization that assembles all the medical students at national level under a common umbrella with the purpose of promoting both excellent medical training as well as the medical students’ efforts in health education and promotion for the betterment of our  community. It was inaugurated in 1990s having originated from the Dar es Salaam University Medical Students’ Association (DUMSA), which was established in 1968.

Our Vision

WE DREAM AND WORK HARD TO BECOME:“An association where all medical students working together for a better national and global health and are equipped with knowledge, skills and values to serve as responsible future physicians and health leaders.”

Our Mission

To prepare and practically equip medical students in searching, identifying and learning how to face, solve and address the major community health problems in scientific and technological approach, such as research, plan and propose policy formation, taking part in both national and international professional conferences and paper presentations of various disciplines. Also, raise concern among stakeholders (medical schools, ministry, and NGOs) to help support these efforts of students towards achieving TAMSA’s objectives.

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