About Us

TAMSA unifies Medical Students from 13 Medical Schools in Tanzania. TAMSA is a member of the International Federation for Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA); IFMSA is affiliated to the United Nations system as a non-political and non-governmental organization, and is recognized by the World Health Organization as an official International forum for Medical Students. The general Secretariat of TAMSA is currently located at the Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS). 

Prof. Abel Makubi (The Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Health and Patron TAMSA Tanzania)

Leadership Structure

TAMSA Leadership at Nation level is made up of the Executive Committee (EXCOM), which comprises the Governing Board (GB), The Supporting divisions and the Standing Committees. These leaders form the functional framework of the association. The term of each leadership is one academic year and each leader is eligible to contest several times. The annual election process is conducted yearly in October during the annual general assembly. At chapter level the Executive committee (EXCOM) comprises of the Executive Board (EB) and the standing committees. Chairperson is the top leader at chapter level.

The Governing Board is composed of 5 members as follows: The president, the vice president internal affairs, the vice president external affairs, the secretary general and Treasurer. The governing board is responsible for supervising all TAMSA activities done by the standing committees, different organizing committees and chapters.

These are regarded as the functional units of the Association. They are responsible in organizing all events and projects under TAMSA in collaboration with the Governing board and other members. Each standing committee is led by Coordinator and the Assistant Coordinator. The standing committees includes for Medical Education, Public Health, Professional Exchange, Research Exchange, Reproductive Health and Rights, Human Rights and Peace, Publicity and Information and Capacity Building where as the Supporting divisions includes;- the Project Support Division, Alumni Support Division and Training Support Division.

Members of TAMSA